Sue Fraser

Heading up UK operations, Sue’s 17 years experience in the UK & European property industry is hard to match. From her previous role specialising in overseas property acquisitions for a leading investment firm in the UK, Sue has continued to deliver excellence in customer relations at the highest level for Prosperity. Offering full administrative, client relations and services support throughout the whole buying process, Sue and her team impress our clients on a daily basis! Regular updates, client query responses and property information distribution– all in a day’s work!

Trained in business, commerce and customer services with blue-chip giants BMW, Sue also works tirelessly behind the scenes with the project developers, mortgage lenders, rental management companies and clients’ Solicitors, ensuring the smooth delivery of our their investments.

“Dealing with developers can be challenging, especially where deadlines are concerned. So on the rare occasions when my looks, charm and persuasiveness don’t get me what I want, I have been known to rely on another skill of mine.. black belt level Taekwondo!!–

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