Uyen Hoang is an enterprising business professional with +10 years of sales experience and comes from a strong background within the Automotive sector. Uyen has joined from luxury car brand ‘Porsche’ and it comes with proven success in elevating customer buying experiences, networking to drive growth initiatives and marketing to develop brand outreach. Uyen is keen on maximising business success by capitalising on service opportunities and being diplomatic in communications with clients to build long term, productive relationships and to also provide a parallel sales and client experience to the Prosperity-Wealth brand.

Away from the office, Uyen dedicates some of her time in doing yoga and enjoys travelling to different parts of the world to attend mindfulness and meditation retreats. Uyen also utilises her BA Honours Degree in Fashion Design by making personalised designed bags for both individuals and on a mass scale for larger parties. Uyen’s love for fashion has also resulted in her becoming a serial shopper!”